Four Kingdoms

Gerta Goes Home

ACT I: Where Are We Going?

SCENE I: Scry Me A River

The next day brought a predicament. Now that they have rescued this child from the depths of the crypt, they now must decide what to do with her. There are huge arguments. Roderick insists the best place for her will be decided by the RCPMPF. Prissy does not trust her with anybody, fearing they don’t have her best interests at heart. Soren, having warmed up to the sweet little girl, thinks that the kindest thing to do would be to find a priestess of Rumtum that would know how to put her to rest peacefully or revive her. Evie thinks that the little girl would be safest with a powerful guardian that can protect her against necromancers that would want to kidnap her. With these plans in mind, the party goes to a scrier to make some calls.
Zindello calls home. He farts at his uncle then hangs up.
Soren calls Sister Jemimah Puddlejump, the Rumtummian priestess that trained him and explains the situation to her. She recommends speaking with Mistifor, the Godmother who lives in a forest monastery near Tamsworth who would have more power in this situation. This temple is in a dangerous place, deep in the forest. The journey would be treacherous and having a 5 year old girl on the path would be difficult.
Evie calls Miriam, the noble paladin wife of Pendgast. She breaks down the situation to her. Miriam agrees to take the child in, saying she has always wanted children. She says if they can get the girl to Virthund, then they can pick her up.
Finally, Roderick calls Commander Schnider, his boss at the RCPMPF to report about the resolution of the case. He tells him about the convict’s service and Schnider informs him that the convict is now on parole. He ends up telling him about Gerta on accident. Schnider’s attention is finally with him completely. He tells Roderick to stay where he is with the slaymate and that an investigatory panel led by Paladin Fitzclaine will be coming from Chirden. They will be there in two to three hours.

SCENE II: Olaf’s Sailing Away

This incites a panic for the party who quickly rushes to protect little Gerta. They make a plan to leave town immediately, gathering their belongings. Roderick’s tied to his RCPMPF-issued rulebook, a guide to his life, actions, and morality. However it also contains a way to track him, being a personal item that would be very easy to scry. Evie realizes this problem and takes the rulebook to Olaf, lying to him to convince him to take it to Sub Amond. In doing this, both of the paladin’s fall from grace, breaking their moral codes and going against their service to Kendrick.
Olaf heads away while the party hurries to get on the road before the Paladin Fitzclaine gets into town.

SCENE III: Get Outta Town

The party heads towards Virthund, figuring the path through known territory and Vallix Pass will be safer than a long ocean ride, especially given the Chirden Naval forces. They start on the road and after a couple of days of pushing themselves too hard, they run into some elven merchants traveling the opposite way on the road. It’s unusual for this road to be so abandoned, so fellow travelers were a welcome sight for the elves. George, the chatty leader greeted the group and then promptly started spreading the gossip to them about what lies behind them. The horselords were ravaging the plains, pushed due to an unknown reason, towards Arvid Flat and even Merri Botham. A warning to avoid getting too close. The party says there’s some trouble in Tamsworth and to be careful.

ACT II: How Are We Getting There?

SCENE I: If You Can’t Go Over, You Must Go Under

The party reaches Merri Botham, where only Soren is welcome. After consulting with the priestesses for the safest route to Virthund, he is recommended to visit the sewers where he’ll find a man who can help him get there. He returns to the party and lets them know. Leaving their horses stabled in Merri Botham, the party descends beneath the city, instantly assaulted by the pungent scents of the sewage. They wander around, calling out to find the mysterious contact in the sewers.

SCENE II: Petkas The Sewer Druid

Eventually they hear an echo. It seems to come from one hallway branching off to their left, they call to it and it stays beyond their vision. Then suddenly it’s coming at them from a tunnel on the right. When they convince this voice to approach, Petkas appears behind them. They see a man that is more rags than person, he is the width of the walkway. He stumbles towards them, knotted beard and eyepatch obscuring one side of his vision. He looks warily at the party and introduces himself as Petkas, a Sewid. He emphasizes to the party the importance of the natural balance of the sewers. When asked if he could get them to Virthund, he says he probably could, but why would he? Enjoy the flow of time, don’t worry too much about the end. They really need to go to Virthund though, so they offer him money, which he has no use for, as he lives in the sewers and gets everything he needs from his natural environment. He agrees to bring them to Virthund on the condition that they clear away something stopping him from getting to where he needs to go. The party agrees.

SCENE III: Of Mushrooms and Halfmen

Petkas windingly brings them to a section of sewer and tells them that ahead of them was the obstacle. Zindello sneaks forward to figure out what it is, startled by seeing a man-sized purple mushroom blocking the way, he falls off of the walkway into the sewers. He accidentally swallows some of the fetid water, becoming very sick. The party rushes forward seeing one (or maybe two? Who can remember?) violet fungi. They start to attack, but find the limited space of the walkway to be very difficult to combat on. The lavender toadstool strikes at them with four angry tentacles.

After an initial charge, suddenly it becomes apparent that there are two halflings hidden in the moss and hanging spiderwebs near the ceiling, obstructed from view. They fire two crossbow bolts at party members. Evie throws a torch at them, but ends up setting the sewage river on fire. Some pretty big dents are made before Zindello convinces the halflings to leave, promising no harm to come to them. Begrudingly they head out. The party then proceeds to get beat up by poison tentacles, and Roderick falls into the sewage, nearly dying. The fire is doused by a tidal wave of sewage conjured by the sewid. Evie, upon a final hacking, releases spores into the air, which promptly knock her out. Covered in shit, probably teeming with disease, and poisoned by fungus, the party is joined by a cheerful Petkas, who proceeds to lead them closer to a light down the tunnel.

SCENE IV: Uncle Kobold’s Emporium

As they approach they see that there is a door set into the wall of the tunnel. It is well lit on both sides by torches in sconces. There is a welcome mat out front. Petkas smiles a gaptooth smile and struts up to the door, flooding the sewers with almost florescent light as he marches into Uncle Kobold’s Emporium.
Uncle Kobold is a grinning reptilian man whose store is shimmering clean, incredibly bright, and filled with Uncle Kobold brand products, including:
Uncle Kobold’s SqueakyClean – A glorified carwash
Uncle Kobold’s Zippideedoodah – Wakes Evie up
Uncle Kobold’s Beefarooni – Strength regeneration
Uncle Kobold’s TogetherAgain – Constitution regeneration
Uncle Kobold’s ShinyTeeth – It’s just a toothbrush
Uncle Kobold’s SpikyEggs – Small round stones with spines for use with a sling
Uncle Kobold’s ForgetMeTomorrow – A handle of grain alcohol
Uncle Kobold’s GoInButDon’tGoOut Arrowheads
Uncle Kobold’s SmellYaLater Face Mask
Petkas trades a giant pile of coins of all sorts for a prepacked basket of goods that Uncle Kobold hands him. The company stocks up, cleans up and, with a final deep breath of the clean fresh air, opens the door to return to the sewers. Zindello cries a little.

SCENE V: Virthund Ho!

Where the sewers from before were grey rough stones, the sewer that they emerge into are smooth soft pink stone not native to the rolling hills near Merri Botham. Petkas leads them through the (moderately more) beautifully carved tunnels of the Virthund sewers and brings them to a stairway. He shouts “have a great time in Virthund!” and merrily heads off his own way. The party heads up the stairs, and finds wrought iron gates. Prissy sneaks over and picks the lock, but then, without any sort of casual air, storms out into the very busy streets of one of the poorer sides of Virthund. In fact none of the party has gracefully exited the sewers, except for Zindello who has somehow moved around and merged with the onlooking crowd so smoothly it seems he too is surprised by the sewer people’s emergence.

He realizes his party may be in trouble and starts to play music, distracting the crowd with a large street performance. The crowd gets riled up and then disperses shortly later.

ACT III: What are we doing once we get there?

SCENE I: A Party’s In Town

Virthund is a bright gleaming city. Even in the slums, there’s a measure of wealth and workmanship to all of the buildings. On a glittering hill, facing an arid desert, and framed by mountains, this place is a picturesque city of knowledge. Seekers come to this city wanting to know history, magic, religion, and just about everything else there is to know about the world.

This set of seekers has come to find something else, a home for a little girl.

The talkiest of the group, Zindello, goes into the nearest store to ask some questions. He instantly charms the shopkeeper who tells him that he’s going to have a hard time finding lodging in town, there’s a large festival and the inns quickly have booked up. The Gypsy Clan and the Lion’s Guard are on their way to town. Try the Feathers in the Bowl or the Buttered Muffin. Before he leaves, Zindello buys a good luck charm, sands in a little bottle.
The Feathers in the Bowl is a nice place, lively with the revelers. Evie worries about meeting up with Max, but also gets very excited about the exhibition that the army will be putting on. The party drinks to forget the traumatic sewer experience.

SCENE II: Calling Miriam

Evie finds a scrier, a Priestess of Helinne who takes her to a beautiful pool in the Temple of Helinne. They call up Mirium who is drawing water at a well. She is surprised that they are there so soon, but promises to reach the Gates of Sand by dusk to pick up Gerta. Satisfied, Evie returns to the group.

SCENE III: Calling Zendelito

Zindello calls Zindelito, the little boy who once used to follow Zindello like a puppy, excited about his family’s coming to town. He reaches utter pitch darkness that starts to spread in the pool beyond the usual scry range. It looks like ink. Quickly the Priestess closes the scry. He tries to reach his uncle instead. His uncle isn’t in his usual chipper mood and shares with Zindello that there has been an incident. Zindelito went missing in the desert. They had to abandon him because more and more members of the clan were going missing while they searched. This dark cloud added to the fortune of running into his family, Zindello asks the Priestess what happened. She informs him that something bad is happening wherever Zindelito is and that she has no way of knowing what it was. He returns to the party and drinks harder.

SCENE IV: The County Fair

Before the clan arrives, some simple games have been set up. Knowing they’re about to send Gerta home and wouldn’t be seeing her anymore, they take her to play some games at the small fair. Through a large amount of trial and error, the party ends up winning some toy armor and a toy sword as well as a stuffed bear that Gerta calls Bearta. She gets stuffed with cotton candy and runs around playing with the other children there.

SCENE V: Gerta Meets Mommy Miriam and Papa Pendghast

The party, at dusk, realizes they must take the little girl to the gates of Sands to say their goodbyes. They head out, avoiding the major streets on the recommendation of Convict Prissy. Quickly they arrive just as the oldest camel you’ve ever thought of, with a grizzled grey beard leads a carriage through the sands miraculously. A very old woman in full plate armor is driving and gets down, heading towards the party. She introduces herself to them as Paladin Miriam, and kneeling to be on the child’s level instantly falls in love with the little girl. A very old man who has too much skin for his tiny frame and a wicked grin, climbs out of the carriage. He then shows he’s not as frail as it seems he must be as he walks over to the party and starts sexually harassing Anna Konda. The party is sad to see Gerta go, each giving her a present as a goodbye gift. Prissy gave her her sparkling glove, Zindello gave her the good luck charm he bought earlier, Roderick gave her the pocket handbook he was reading to her over the past several days, Evie gave her the sunscreen. With a final round of forehead kisses from the entire group, Gerta climbed into the carriage and left with her new guardians.


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