Four Kingdoms

We Started At The Sewers And Now We’re Here

ACT I: Escape from Alignmentcatraz

SCENE I: It was raining in my eyes.

The party returned to the Gates of Sand, still caught up in the emotions of passing off the little girl. They didn’t notice the advancing guards who quickly put them in manacles and began to haul them off towards jail, on the charges of aiding and abetting a criminal. Evie insisted that she get her call based on a treaty between the COPs and the Paladin Police Force. Roderick demanded to see the accusers.

SCENE II: Jailbirds

They were thrown into a prison that was one solid piece of marble. Anna was throwing a fit, screaming unendingly. Throughout a complicated plotting, Prissy obtained some lockpicks through a menstrual lie and informed the prisoners that they would need to all stay in their cells til they could escape. This in prison slang is called the “52.”

SCENE III: Jailbreak

The party breaks out, asking a dwarf for directions to the evidence locker, a room where all their stuff has been carelessly thrown. While the party searches, Evie finds Chucky. They ask the old dwarf from earlier how to get out. He leads them out the back way, into a much more locked down hallway with shadowy criminals behind bars. This wing seems to have more dangerous people and the final cell contains an old hag, who trades “the usual” for use of her secret tunnel. Roderick asks what the usual is. She asks if he’d like to pay. Kindly declining, he heads out the tunnel with the rest of the party, coming into a pitch black alley where the old dwarf leads them past a homeless camp that takes a little too much interest in them. Soon they’re in the streets again.

ACT II: Maximillian

Scene I: Filling Out 208-112 Is Super Sexy

The party goes to seek asylum at the Virthund headquarters for the Commanders of Prosperity, a uniquely rectangular-shaped building in the beautiful city. The woman running the desk’s name is Brittney. She informs him that he must fill out a stack of paperwork to seek asylum. He gets to work while everyone else sits uncomfortably in the waiting room. A woman is sitting in the corner plucking at a harp. Zindello tries to schmooze her, she will not be schmoozed.
Eventually Roderick brings the paperwork to Brittany who starts stamping away at them with a precise but speedy cantor. Both are impressed with each other’s Bureaucramancy. With one (very new) regulation correction, the papers are submitted.

SCENE II: All Around Me Is Familiar Faces, Worn Out Places

Laughter comes from the hallway leading to the sergeant’s room. He walks out, leading Maximillian Hardman and Nickolai Shipwright. Evie turns WHITE and RED, a candycane face. They both cheerfully greet Evie, Nickolai enjoying the distress of his little sister, Max just happy to see the sweet little girl he knew growing up. Nick asks why she’s here and promises to tell her parents. She pleads with him not to. It turns out she’s engaged to be married and doesn’t want to be, having run away from home.
The group is brought back to speak with Sergeant Billiam. He informs them that he already knows of their escapades and produces the wanted posters for each party member. He tells them that they should have waited and that they were working on it. After a proper scolding he informs them that he doesn’t have the power to make their jail break go away with asylum, only someone with more power such as Commander Nickolai could do that.

Evie instantly realizes that General Billiam is suggesting that she ask her brother for one of the largest, most vulnerable favors. Zindello rushed out and explained the situation to Nickolai before she could react. Nickolai promptly started cackling before leaving the headquarters. Max realizes how dire the situation is, and brings the group some beer to wait for Nickolai’s return.

Nickolai returns with letters of delayed arraignment, allowing them free passage as long as they return to Virthund in six months for the trial. He also informed their parents where Evie has gone. Whoops.

SCENE III: Hello God, It’s Me, Roderick.

With this deferment, Roderick goes to reacquaint himself with Kindrick, finding the smallest temple so he can to figure out what “Good” means. He meets a leathery old man who has just finished serving soup to the city’s homeless population. He tells his story and is counseled by the priest to find how he can make a positive Kendrickian impact and that the law is not always good to good people.

SCENE IV: The Army Fights For Your Right To Parrrrrty

After their release, the rest of party goes with the Lion’s Guard officers to visit the army camp. Anna meets with Denton Swail, the current weaponmaster of the Lion’s Guard. His father before him spoke very highly of Gilbert Konda. His father too has died. Pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together.

Evie is desperate to explain her situation to Max and regain his good favor. He makes it very clear he’s disappointed in her and as she finishes her story, a very curvaceous woman enters. She introduces herself as Oliviae Hokentag and it’s clear she’s VERY interested in Max. Upon finding out her last name Evie brings Oliviae to Roderick, embarrassing him as he has to tell her about his personal fall from grace. She is PROUD of him.

The group finds out about the exhibition for charity that the Lion’s Guard is throwing. Anna, Evie and Roderick agree to join the triple melee, and will probably be up against, at some point, Oliviae, Max, and Denton.

ACT III: The Exhibition

SCENE I: Triple Melee

After a wonderful evening of carousing, the daytime (And imminent showdown) comes too soon. Evie, Roderick, and Anna get prepared for their battle quickly and are soon on the field. Max has gone out of his way to make sure they’d be battling each other in their round, a showcase that he’s excited about. Roderick asks kindly to be given a chance and Max quickly complies. No such promises are given from Oliviae and Denton. Once battle begins, Max pulls his punches, Oliviae goes head first in trying to bring down the “little girl” in her way, and Denton promptly blushes and avoids attacking Anna completely, skirting around her.

Regardless, the party is all knocked out and dragged off by a cleric. They are awakened by an apologetic Max. Oliviae is strutting, and Denton has swiftly disappeared to his armory.

SCENE II: Max and Roderick sittin in a tree

Impressed by Roderick’s skill, Max pulls him aside. He’s concerned for how easy it was to rip through Roderick’s armor, so he brings him to the armory to get him fitted with full plate armor with the emblem of Kendrick. Roderick is humbled and grateful, fumbling over his words to thank Max. All Max wants is for Roderick to stay safe.

SCENE III: Oliviae and Soren sittin in a tree

Soren, impressed by Oliviae’s quick mockery of Roderick and sassy tongue, makes a passing suggestion to his teammate’s sister. She quickly agrees and they head back to her tent, discarding clothing along the way. Prissy isn’t fond of Oliviae, possibly because she has nice things and Prissy wants the nice things. Prissy follows with popcorn and sneaks into the room while congress is being had. She tries to steal a fancy dress, but ends up making a racket, running while the curious couple looks up. In her haste she doesn’t want to leave empty handed, and she yoinks Oliviae’s underpants.

SCENE IV: Denton and Anna sittin in a tree

Anna goes to speak with Denton, who is very uncomfortable with this idea and very interested in leaving the conversation. His face is deep red over his behavior on that day. He avoids Anna despite Evie’s pleas to get them together.


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